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We Make Web Applications Tailored to Your Business Goals

Each problem has a solution. We create the best solutions for our clients. Quality software development from start to finish.

Development of Enterprise Web Apps

We create enterprise Web apps, including:

  • Enterprise resource planning solutions
  • Billing/payment systems
  • HRM and CRM systems
  • Healthcare systems
  • e-Learning and LMS systems
  • Content management systems
  • Project management applications

Development of Web Portals

Web portals for businesses of all kinds, from news and media to e-learning, manufacturing, entertainment, intranets, enterprise portals, and more.

Development of E-Commerce

e-Commerce solutions for online stores, auctions, and marketplaces.

  • B2C e-commerce solutions
  • B2B e-commerce portals

API Interoperability Services

We perform API application interoperability to help our clients enhance and expand their current and new business processes.

  • Google APIs
  • Social networks APIs (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Others

Business Analysis

We believe that the basis of a project's success is a complete analysis of its concept. We will bring our experience and expertise to help you analyze the idea or business need so that you can apply the best solution.


Data Management

As the Web app grows, you need a partner to help you access and manage all the information coming in. We'll assist you in organizing and managing data so that all you need to know is at your fingertips.


Our team is limited to professionals with more than five years' experience in the field. And our Agile principles mean that you will be in on the process as an active participant.


Testing and QA

Users hate bugs, so we do, too. Our QA processes and extensive testing are here to make sure the software is as clean as can be.

Software Development

Viaro assists in the deployment, scaling, and maintenance of your ready-for-production Web solution. We will help you make sure it works as designed.


UX/UI Development

Customer loyalty comes more easily with good UI and UX. We know how to create seamless and efficient user flows. We have a handle on how users interact with Web apps.