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Why outsource Healthcare software development?

Expertise in the Healthcare Software Technology industry

For over a decade Viaro Networks has been partner helping several Healthcare industry leaders to achieve their product and quality goals.

Outsource pieces of your software production

Either if is a new software product, an extension, or bug, etc. You can rely on our experience to help with your product goals.

The right outsourcing strategy

Based on expertise of the software industry and using top level quality standards.

Time to market

Enhance your overall business production strategy, focus on current market trends, customers needs, etc., minimize training costs, and avoid recruiting and turnover costs..

Keep the pace with your growth

Add software production capabilities based on your needs: modules extension, built new modules, customizations for customers projects, enhancements, quality assurance, legacy systems migration, new software products, bug fixing, reach the desired timeframe to project delivery, etc.

High quality software production process

Services that follows software industry standards for quality assurance and productivity: TSP/PSP, CMMi.

Experience to Trust

Several customers have trusted us: CHS, UCLA, ATLab, and more!

Expertise in the Healthcare Software Technology

  • Medical billing and practice management software
  • Medical office scheduling system
  • Accounting Integration
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Claims Management
  • Custom User Interface
  • Data Import/Export
  • EMR HL7 Bridge
  • Electronic Statements
  • Inventory Management
  • Legacy System Integration
  • Medical Equipment Suppliers
  • Medical Supplies Control
  • Multi-Physician
  • Tablet interfaces
  • Mobile interfaces
  • Patient Portal
  • Patient Records
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Physician Scheduling
  • Prescription Writing
  • Transcription
  • Appointment Management
  • Auto-Schedule Follow-Up
  • Data Import/Expor
  • Practice management and billing software
  • EMR
  • Laboratory Information Management Systems
  • Expense Tracking
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Multiple Fee Schedules
  • Patient Check-in
  • Patient Demographic
  • Patient Records
  • Payment Processing
  • Policy Management
  • Procedure-Based Scheduling
  • Provider Productivity Tracking
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Ambulatory Surgery Billing
  • Anesthesia Billing
  • Check Scanning
  • Collections Management
  • Document Management
  • Patient Eligibility
  • Patient Payment History
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Case / Visit Based
  • Clinical Care
  • Clinical Pathway Integration
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Healthcare Competency Assessment
  • Document Scanning
  • E-Prescribing
  • Electronic Health Record
  • Flowsheet Generation
  • Health Maintenance Criteria
  • Investigation Questionnaire
  • Managed Care Guidelines
  • Medication Tracking
  • Messaging & Recalls
  • Multi-Format Output
  • Output Document Design
  • Patient Self Assessment
  • Phase-Based
  • Physician Order Entry
  • Practice Patterns & Standards
  • Prescription Drug Database
  • Prescription Writing
  • Specialty Specific
  • Tablet / Touch Screen
  • Template Management
  • Voice Recognition

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